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Gastroenteritis: the fault with oysters?

During the holidays, the epidemic of gastroenteritis took hold in most regions. If the circulating virus is still as contagious, another mode of transmission, via oysters, has affected the West coasts. Explanations.

At the start of the year, you have heard of friends and colleagues around you who have had their holidays spoiled by a guest you don’t always expect: gastroenteritis . The epidemic began the week of December 23, with many regions above the epidemic threshold, in particular those of Grand Est, Occitanie and Nouvelle-Aquitaine But Normandy and Brittany are not outdone with an unusual situation: sick people contaminated after consuming oysters. And we are not talking about simple poisoning.

In Mont-Saint-Michel bay and in Morbihan (southern Brittany), pollution of oysters by norovirus, the gastroenteritis virus, was observed, and prefectural orders were quickly taken to prohibit collection and marketing of these party products. How is it possible ?

Oyster farmers denounce astronomical quantities of contaminated water which have been poured into the sea and have poisoned the coasts and oysters. In short, the virus arrived by sea. The sewage overflowed untreated and went to spread the virus at sea. Results: stomach aches and diarrhea for many consumers came to play spoilsport in the middle of the period New Years Eve. If you have been affected in these regions, move away the idea of ​​intoxication or a new intolerance to shellfish, you have well caught the classic winter virus via your plate!

Gastroenteritis: good reflexes

The main risk in the elderly is dehydration. To combat this loss of water and mineral salts, patients must be encouraged to drink frequently and in small quantities so as not to vomit (water, tea, coffee, infusion, vegetable broth, etc.). Ideally, at least 1.5 liters per day. If this is not enough, you can buy rehydration solutions in pharmacies. In terms of food , we favor foods that are easy to digest and low in fiber (which slow down transit): rice, cooked carrots, pasta, bananas, apples, rusks …

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